superwholocknerdherdofsheild asked:

How does Wilbur get along with Dash?

askwillet answered:

"They used to get along really well, but it’s been kinda awkward since Wilbur and I have been dating," Violet shrugged her shoulders. In some ways, she felt responsible for separating the two. She always knew how excited Dash would get when Wilbur would come over. He went over the moon to hear that Wilbur was coming over, but she always thought that he liked being able to say that he had a cooler, older friend. 

"It’s been more than a year, but Dash doesn’t really talk to Wilbur that much anymore."

"Oh, don’t tell me you’re talking about that."

Violet glanced up. Wilbur took a seat across from her, taking her feet off the cushion to make room for himself. He wriggled his body to make himself comfortable. Violet repositioned her feet onto his lap, ignoring the sound of discontent from his lips. 

"Dash and me are fine. No offense Vi, but you gotta put more faith in me," Wilbur said with his usual cocky flair. 

She shot him a look, getting him to raise an eyebrow in response. 

"You’re lying. It’s just- hey!"  She leaned forward to slap his hands away from her feet. "Stop that!"

"Stop what?" Wilbur asked innocently, unable to keep the grin off his face as he ran his hands from her ankles down to the bottom of her feet. His fingers grazed over the bottom of her feet. She jerked at the touch and then calmed herself down. 

"We’re talking about something important!" 

"Why does it matter so much that your brother likes me anyway? It’s not like you bring him with you all the time like you do with Jack-Jack."

"I want my boyfriend and my brother to get along," Violet sighed. She pulled her feet away, tucking her knees into her chest. She tucked a stray strand of her behind her ear, suddenly losing the will to make eye contact with him. "It’s not really that much to ask, is it?" 

Unlike the other times, he didn’t try to reassure her, but sat in the uncomfortable silence that had been covered the conversation like a wet blanket.